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2 Tone Lux

How It Works

Our hoodie order process is extremely simple.

At the bottom of the page, we have 4 of our most popular hoodies that are used for various occasions such as LEAVERS, SCHOOL TRIPS, SKI TRIPS etc, which you can go on and check colours, sizes and stock levels to make sure that all hoodies are available for your order.

Once you have your hoodie colour and style, you can use the contact page at the very bottom of the page to contact us about getting a custom quote and any special requirements you may have.


The hoodies below can be easily customised with single colour or FULL colour printed transfer. All transfers are created in house so we can check to make sure all transfers and colours are exactly the correct colour before printing any garments. Using our full colour transfers you can rest assured that the print quality is top of line as all inks used are from Kodak and DuPont the two best brands in the world for creating the most vibrant durable transfers.

Artwork proof will be sent for approval prior to any work commencing.

Free Artwork Design Service

Send us your idea's, for your leavers/trip/tour designs on the form at the bottom of the page, or email us at sales@tcugroup.co.uk and let us do the rest.

Please also feel free to click one of the hoodies at the bottom of the page, and use the customisation tool to create your own unique design, that you can save and email us to be used as a template or basic idea.

Have fun and feel free to be creative on the customisation tool.

Add Your Schools Branding

If selected, the school logo or custom text will be included on all hoodies within your order.

School Logo

Our most popular option. Including your school logo helps create the perfect memento for the graduating students.


Custom Text

An alternative to the school logo. Custom text gives you more flexibility and is specific to the leavers cohort.


Pupil Initials

Optional at the point of ordering, each student can choose to have their hoodie with or without initials.

Pupil Initials

This optional extra is a great way for students to individually personalise their hoodie.


Our Hoodie Collection - Plain

Pricing guide below is for plain garments only

Prices below exclude VAT

         Budget Hoodie

QuantityPrice Per Hoodie
Up to 30£10.50 – Child
£10.95 – Adult
30+£9.50 – Child
£9.95 – Adult
50+£8.95  – Child
£9.50  – Adult
100+£7.60 – Child
£7.95 – Adult

       Standard Hoodie

QuantityPrice Per Hoodie
Up to 30£10.95 – Child
£11.95 – Adult
30+£10.50 – Child
£11.50 – Adult
50+£9.95 – Child
£10.95 – Adult
100+£9.50 – Child
£10.50 – Adult

            Lux Hoodie

QuantityPrice Per Hoodie
Up to 30£11.95 – Child
£12.95 – Adult
30+£11.50 – Child
£12.50 – Adult
50+£10.95 – Child
£11.95 – Adult
100+£10.50 – Child
£11.50 – Adult

      2 Tone Lux Hoodie

QuantityPrice Per Hoodie
Up to 30£13.95 – Child
£14.95 – Adult
30+£13.50 – Child
£14.50 – Adult
50+£12.95 – Child
£13.95 – Adult
100+£12.50 – Child
£13.50 – Adult

Our Hoodie Collection - Printed Prices

Pricing guide below includes logo PRINTED left chest & back

Adding additional prints i.e initials, sleeve print or name above/below back print will incur additional costs.

If you would like your logo embroidered please contact us on the quote form below.

Prices below exclude VAT

         Budget Hoodie

QuantityPrice Per Hoodie
Up to 30£17.50 – Child
£17.95 – Adult
30+£15.50- Child
£15.95 – Adult
50+£13.95 – Child
£14.50  – Adult
100+£12.60 – Child
£12.95 – Adult

       Standard Hoodie

QuantityPrice Per Hoodie
Up to 30£17.95 – Child
£18.95 – Adult
30+£16.50 – Child
£17.50 – Adult
50+£14.95 – Child
£15.95 – Adult
100+£14.50 – Child
£15.50 – Adult

            Lux Hoodie

QuantityPrice Per Hoodie
Up to 30£18.95 – Child
£19.95 – Adult
30+£17.50 – Child
£18.50 – Adult
50+£15.95 – Child
£16.95 – Adult
100+£15.50 – Child
£16.50 – Adult

      2 Tone Lux Hoodie

QuantityPrice Per Hoodie
Up to 30£20.95 – Child
£21.95 – Adult
30+£19.50 – Child
£20.50 – Adult
50+£17.95 – Child
£18.95 – Adult
100+£17.50 – Child
£18.50 – Adult

                                                                            Additional Print Prices

Additional Print RequirementsPrice Per extra print
left or Right Sleeve£2.50
Additional Large Name£2.50
Additional Logo (Left or Right Chest)£2.50

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